Package org.apache.tika.metadata

Multi-valued metadata container, and set of constant metadata fields.


Interface Summary
ClimateForcast Met keys from NCAR CCSM files in the Climate Forecast Convention.
CreativeCommons A collection of Creative Commons properties names.
DublinCore A collection of Dublin Core metadata names.
Geographic Geographic schema.
HttpHeaders A collection of HTTP header names.
IPTC IPTC Photo Metadata schema.
Message A collection of Message related property names.
MSOffice A collection of Microsoft Office documents property names.
PagedText XMP Paged-text schema.
TIFF XMP Exif TIFF schema.
TikaMetadataKeys Contains keys to properties in Metadata instances.
TikaMimeKeys A collection of Tika metadata keys used in Mime Type resolution
XMPDM XMP Dynamic Media schema.

Class Summary
Metadata A multi-valued metadata container.
Property XMP property definition.
XMPDM.ChannelTypePropertyConverter Deprecated. Experimental method, will change shortly

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
PropertyTypeException XMP property definition violation exception.

Package org.apache.tika.metadata Description

Multi-valued metadata container, and set of constant metadata fields.

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