Class HtmlEncodingDetector

  extended by org.apache.tika.parser.html.HtmlEncodingDetector
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HtmlEncodingDetector
extends Object
implements EncodingDetector

Character encoding detector for determining the character encoding of a HTML document based on the potential charset parameter found in a Content-Type http-equiv meta tag somewhere near the beginning. Especially useful for determining the type among multiple closely related encodings (ISO-8859-*) for which other types of encoding detection are unreliable.

Apache Tika 1.2

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Charset detect(InputStream input, Metadata metadata)
          Detects the character encoding of the given text document, or null if the encoding of the document can not be detected.
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Constructor Detail


public HtmlEncodingDetector()
Method Detail


public Charset detect(InputStream input,
                      Metadata metadata)
               throws IOException
Description copied from interface: EncodingDetector
Detects the character encoding of the given text document, or null if the encoding of the document can not be detected.

If the document input stream is not available, then the first argument may be null. Otherwise the detector may read bytes from the start of the stream to help in encoding detection. The given stream is guaranteed to support the mark feature and the detector is expected to mark the stream before reading any bytes from it, and to reset the stream before returning. The stream must not be closed by the detector.

The given input metadata is only read, not modified, by the detector.

Specified by:
detect in interface EncodingDetector
input - text document input stream, or null
metadata - input metadata for the document
detected character encoding, or null
IOException - if the document input stream could not be read

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