Class StatusReporter

    • Constructor Detail

      • StatusReporter

        public StatusReporter​(FileResourceCrawler crawler,
                              ConsumersManager consumersManager)
        Initialize with the crawler and consumers
        crawler - crawler to ping at intervals
        consumersManager - consumers to ping at intervals
    • Method Detail

      • report

        protected void report​(String s)
        Override for different behavior.

        This reports the string at the info level to this class' logger.

        s - string to report
      • setSleepMillis

        public void setSleepMillis​(long sleepMillis)
        Set the amount of time to sleep between reports.
        sleepMillis - length to sleep btwn reports in milliseconds
      • setStaleThresholdMillis

        public void setStaleThresholdMillis​(long staleThresholdMillis)
        Set the amount of time in milliseconds to use as the threshold for determining a stale parse.
        staleThresholdMillis - threshold for determining whether or not to report a stale
      • getRoughCountExceptions

        public int getRoughCountExceptions()
        This returns a rough (unsynchronized) count of caught/handled exceptions.
        rough count of exceptions
      • setIsShuttingDown

        public void setIsShuttingDown​(boolean isShuttingDown)
        Set whether the main process is in the process of shutting down.
        isShuttingDown -