Class FSDocumentSelector

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    public class FSDocumentSelector
    extends Object
    implements DocumentSelector
    Selector that chooses files based on their file name and their size, as determined by Metadata.RESOURCE_NAME_KEY and Metadata.CONTENT_LENGTH.

    The excludeFileName pattern is applied first (if it isn't null). Then the includeFileName pattern is applied (if it isn't null), and finally, the size limit is applied if it is above 0.

    • Constructor Detail

      • FSDocumentSelector

        public FSDocumentSelector​(Pattern includeFileName,
                                  Pattern excludeFileName,
                                  long minFileSizeBytes,
                                  long maxFileSizeBytes)
    • Method Detail

      • select

        public boolean select​(Metadata metadata)
        Description copied from interface: DocumentSelector
        Checks if a document with the given metadata matches the specified selection criteria.
        Specified by:
        select in interface DocumentSelector
        metadata - document metadata
        true if the document matches the selection criteria, false otherwise