Class LanguageDetectingParser

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      • LanguageDetectingParser

        public LanguageDetectingParser()
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      • parse

        public void parse​(InputStream stream,
                          ContentHandler handler,
                          Metadata metadata,
                          ParseContext context)
                   throws SAXException,
        Description copied from class: DelegatingParser
        Looks up the delegate parser from the parsing context and delegates the parse operation to it. If a delegate parser is not found, then an empty XHTML document is returned.

        Subclasses should override this method to parse the top level structure of the given document stream. Parsed sub-streams can be passed to this base class method to be parsed by the configured delegate parser.

        Specified by:
        parse in interface Parser
        parse in class DelegatingParser
        stream - the document stream (input)
        handler - handler for the XHTML SAX events (output)
        metadata - document metadata (input and output)
        context - parse context
        SAXException - if the SAX events could not be processed
        IOException - if the document stream could not be read
        TikaException - if the document could not be parsed