Class JoshuaNetworkTranslator

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    public class JoshuaNetworkTranslator
    extends AbstractTranslator

    This translator is designed to work with a TCP-IP available Joshua translation server, specifically the REST-based Joshua server.

    If you were to interact with the server via curl a request would look as follows

     curl http://localhost:5000/joshua/translate/english \
       -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
       -X POST -d '{"inputLanguage": "Spanish", "inputText": "vuelo"}' -v
    Joshua requires input to be pre-formatted into sentences, one per line, so this translation implementation takes care of that.
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      • JoshuaNetworkTranslator

        public JoshuaNetworkTranslator()
        Default constructor which first checks for the presence of the file. We check if the remote server is available on each translation process. This check is not a remote call, but instead a check for null value within of a local variable represetning the value for joshua.server.url, which should be populated within the file.