Class JempboxExtractor

  • public class JempboxExtractor
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • JempboxExtractor

        public JempboxExtractor​(Metadata metadata)
    • Method Detail

      • extractDublinCore

        public static void extractDublinCore​(org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPMetadata xmpMetadata,
                                             Metadata metadata)
        Tries to extract Dublin Core schema from XMP. If XMPMetadata is null or if the DC schema is null, this will return without throwing an exception.
        xmpMetadata - XMPMetadata to process
        metadata - Tika's metadata to write to
      • joinCreators

        protected static String joinCreators​(List<String> creators)
      • extractXMPMM

        public static void extractXMPMM​(org.apache.jempbox.xmp.XMPMetadata xmp,
                                        Metadata metadata)
        Extracts Media Management metadata from XMP. Silently swallows exceptions.
        xmp -
        metadata -
      • setMaxXMPMMHistory

        public static void setMaxXMPMMHistory​(int maxEvents)
        Maximum number of events to extract from the event history in the XMP Media Management (XMPMM) section. The extractor will silently stop adding events after it has reached this threshold.

        The default is 1024.

      • getMaxXMPMMHistory

        public static int getMaxXMPMMHistory()
        maximum number of events to extract from the XMPMM history.