Class OfficeParser

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      • OfficeParser

        public OfficeParser()
    • Method Detail

      • getSupportedTypes

        public Set<MediaType> getSupportedTypes​(ParseContext context)
        Description copied from interface: Parser
        Returns the set of media types supported by this parser when used with the given parse context.
        context - parse context
        immutable set of media types
      • extractMacros

        public static void extractMacros​(org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.POIFSFileSystem fs,
                                         ContentHandler xhtml,
                                         EmbeddedDocumentExtractor embeddedDocumentExtractor)
                                  throws IOException,
        Helper to extract macros from an NPOIFS/vbaProject.bin As of POI-3.15-final, there are still some bugs in VBAMacroReader. For now, we are swallowing NPE and other runtime exceptions
        fs - NPOIFS to extract from
        xhtml - SAX writer
        embeddedDocumentExtractor - extractor for embedded documents
        IOException - on IOException if it occurs during the extraction of the embedded doc
        SAXException - on SAXException for writing to xhtml