Class AudioFrame

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class AudioFrame
    extends Object
    implements MP3Frame
    An Audio Frame in an MP3 file. These come after the ID3v2 tags in the file. Currently, only the header is processed, not the raw audio data.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AudioFrame

        public AudioFrame​(int mpegVersion,
                          int layer,
                          int bitRate,
                          int sampleRate,
                          int channels,
                          int length,
                          float duration)
        Creates a new instance of AudioFrame and initializes all properties.
        mpegVersion - the code for the MPEG version
        layer - the code for the layer
        bitRate - the bit rate (in bps)
        sampleRate - the sample rate (in samples per second)
        channels - the number of channels
        length - the frame length (in bytes)
        duration - the duration of this frame (in milliseconds)
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public String getVersion()
      • getSampleRate

        public int getSampleRate()
        Get the sampling rate, in Hz
      • getChannels

        public int getChannels()
        Get the number of channels (1=mono, 2=stereo)
      • getVersionCode

        public int getVersionCode()
        Get the version code.
        the version code (one of the MPEG constants)
      • getLayer

        public int getLayer()
        Get the audio layer code.
        the audio layer (one of the LAYER constants)
      • getBitRate

        public int getBitRate()
        Get the bit rate in bit per second.
        the bit rate
      • getLength

        public int getLength()
        Returns the frame length in bytes.
        the frame length
      • getDuration

        public float getDuration()
        Returns the duration in milliseconds.
        the duration
      • isAudioHeader

        public static boolean isAudioHeader​(int h1,
                                            int h2,
                                            int h3,
                                            int h4)
        Does this appear to be a 4 byte audio frame header?