Class TesseractOCRConfig

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    public class TesseractOCRConfig
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Configuration for TesseractOCRParser.

    This allows to enable TesseractOCRParser and set its parameters:

    TesseractOCRConfig config = new TesseractOCRConfig();
    parseContext.set(TesseractOCRConfig.class, config);

    Parameters can also be set by either editing the existing file in, tika-parser/src/main/resources/org/apache/tika/parser/ocr, or overriding it by creating your own and placing it in the package org/apache/tika/parser/ocr on the classpath.

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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • TesseractOCRConfig

        public TesseractOCRConfig()
        Default contructor.
      • TesseractOCRConfig

        public TesseractOCRConfig​(InputStream is)
        Loads properties from InputStream and then tries to close InputStream. If there is an IOException, this silently swallows the exception and goes back to the default.
        is -
    • Method Detail

      • setTesseractPath

        public void setTesseractPath​(String tesseractPath)
        Set the path to the Tesseract executable's directory, needed if it is not on system path.

        Note that if you set this value, it is highly recommended that you also set the path to the 'tessdata' folder using setTessdataPath(java.lang.String).

      • setTessdataPath

        public void setTessdataPath​(String tessdataPath)
        Set the path to the 'tessdata' folder, which contains language files and config files. In some cases (such as on Windows), this folder is found in the Tesseract installation, but in other cases (such as when Tesseract is built from source), it may be located elsewhere.
      • setLanguage

        public void setLanguage​(String language)
        Set tesseract language dictionary to be used. Default is "eng". Multiple languages may be specified, separated by plus characters. e.g. "chi_tra+chi_sim"
      • setPageSegMode

        public void setPageSegMode​(String pageSegMode)
        Set tesseract page segmentation mode. Default is 1 = Automatic page segmentation with OSD (Orientation and Script Detection)
      • setPageSeparator

        public void setPageSeparator​(String pageSeparator)
        The page separator to use in plain text output. This corresponds to Tesseract's page_separator config option. The default here is the empty string (i.e. no page separators). Note that this is also the default in Tesseract 3.x, but in Tesseract 4.0 the default is to use the form feed control character. We are overriding Tesseract 4.0's default here.
        pageSeparator -
      • setTrustedPageSeparator

        public void setTrustedPageSeparator​(String pageSeparator)
        Same as setPageSeparator(String) but does not perform any checks on the string.
        pageSeparator -
      • setPreserveInterwordSpacing

        public void setPreserveInterwordSpacing​(boolean preserveInterwordSpacing)
        Whether or not to maintain interword spacing. Default is false.
        preserveInterwordSpacing -
      • getPreserveInterwordSpacing

        public boolean getPreserveInterwordSpacing()
        whether or not to maintain interword spacing.
      • setMinFileSizeToOcr

        public void setMinFileSizeToOcr​(long minFileSizeToOcr)
        Set minimum file size to submit file to ocr. Default is 0.
      • setMaxFileSizeToOcr

        public void setMaxFileSizeToOcr​(long maxFileSizeToOcr)
        Set maximum file size to submit file to ocr. Default is Integer.MAX_VALUE.
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(int timeout)
        Set maximum time (seconds) to wait for the ocring process to terminate. Default value is 120s.
      • setOutputType

        public void setOutputType​(String outputType)
      • isEnableImageProcessing

        public int isEnableImageProcessing()
        image processing is enabled or not
        See Also:
      • setEnableImageProcessing

        public void setEnableImageProcessing​(int enableImageProcessing)
        Set the value to true if processing is to be enabled. Default value is false.
      • getDensity

        public int getDensity()
        the density
      • setDensity

        public void setDensity​(int density)
        density - the density to set. Valid range of values is 150-1200. Default value is 300.
      • getDepth

        public int getDepth()
        the depth
      • setDepth

        public void setDepth​(int depth)
        depth - the depth to set. Valid values are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 256, 4096. Default value is 4.
      • getColorspace

        public String getColorspace()
        the colorspace
      • setColorspace

        public void setColorspace​(String colorspace)
        colorspace - the colorspace to set Deafult value is gray.
      • getFilter

        public String getFilter()
        the filter
      • setFilter

        public void setFilter​(String filter)
        filter - the filter to set. Valid values are point, hermite, cubic, box, gaussian, catrom, triangle, quadratic and mitchell. Default value is triangle.
      • getResize

        public int getResize()
        the resize
      • setResize

        public void setResize​(int resize)
        resize - the resize to set. Valid range of values is 100-900. Default value is 900.
      • setImageMagickPath

        public void setImageMagickPath​(String imageMagickPath)
        Set the path to the ImageMagick executable directory, needed if it is not on system path.
        imageMagickPath - to ImageMagick executable directory.
      • getApplyRotation

        public boolean getApplyRotation()
        Whether or not a rotation value should be calculated and passed to ImageMagick before performing OCR. (Requires that Python is installed).
      • setApplyRotation

        public void setApplyRotation​(boolean applyRotation)
        Sets whether or not a rotation value should be calculated and passed to ImageMagick.
        applyRotation - to calculate and apply rotation, false to skip. Default is false, true required Python installed.
      • addOtherTesseractConfig

        public void addOtherTesseractConfig​(String key,
                                            String value)
        Add a key-value pair to pass to Tesseract using its -c command line option. To see the possible options, run tesseract --print-parameters. You may also add these parameters in; any key-value pair in the properties file where the key contains an underscore is passed directly to Tesseract.
        key -
        value -