Class GenericConverter

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    public class GenericConverter
    extends AbstractConverter
    Trys to convert as much of the properties in the Metadata map to XMP namespaces. only those properties will be cnverted where the name contains a prefix and this prefix correlates with a "known" prefix for a standard namespace. For example "dc:title" would be mapped to the "title" property in the DublinCore namespace.
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      • process

        public com.adobe.xmp.XMPMeta process​(Metadata metadata)
                                      throws com.adobe.xmp.XMPException
        Description copied from interface: ITikaToXMPConverter
        Converts a Tika Metadata-object into an XMPMeta containing the useful properties.
        Specified by:
        process in interface ITikaToXMPConverter
        Specified by:
        process in class AbstractConverter
        metadata - a Tika Metadata object
        Returns an XMPMeta object.
        com.adobe.xmp.XMPException - If an error occurs during the creation of the XMP object.
      • getAdditionalNamespaces

        public Set<Namespace> getAdditionalNamespaces()
        Description copied from class: AbstractConverter
        Every Converter has to provide information about namespaces that are used additionally to the core set of XMP namespaces.
        Specified by:
        getAdditionalNamespaces in class AbstractConverter
        the additional namespace information