Class ParseRecord

  • public class ParseRecord
    extends Object
    Use this class to store exceptions, warnings and other information during the parse. This information is added to the parent's metadata after the parse by the CompositeParser.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParseRecord

        public ParseRecord()
    • Method Detail

      • getDepth

        public int getDepth()
      • getParsers

        public String[] getParsers()
      • addException

        public void addException​(Exception e)
      • addWarning

        public void addWarning​(String msg)
      • addMetadata

        public void addMetadata​(Metadata metadata)
      • setWriteLimitReached

        public void setWriteLimitReached​(boolean writeLimitReached)
      • isWriteLimitReached

        public boolean isWriteLimitReached()