Class AutoDetectParser

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Parser

public class AutoDetectParser extends CompositeParser
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    • AutoDetectParser

      public AutoDetectParser()
      Creates an auto-detecting parser instance using the default Tika configuration.
    • AutoDetectParser

      public AutoDetectParser(Detector detector)
    • AutoDetectParser

      public AutoDetectParser(Parser... parsers)
      Creates an auto-detecting parser instance using the specified set of parser. This allows one to create a Tika configuration where only a subset of the available parsers have their 3rd party jars included, as otherwise the use of the default TikaConfig will throw various "ClassNotFound" exceptions.
      parsers -
    • AutoDetectParser

      public AutoDetectParser(Detector detector, Parser... parsers)
    • AutoDetectParser

      public AutoDetectParser(TikaConfig config)
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