Uses of Class

Packages that use MimeTypes
org.apache.tika.config Tika configuration tools. 
org.apache.tika.detect Media type detection. 
org.apache.tika.mime Media type information. 

Uses of MimeTypes in org.apache.tika.config

Methods in org.apache.tika.config that return MimeTypes
 MimeTypes TikaConfig.getMimeRepository()

Uses of MimeTypes in org.apache.tika.detect

Constructors in org.apache.tika.detect with parameters of type MimeTypes
DefaultDetector(MimeTypes types)
DefaultDetector(MimeTypes types, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)

Uses of MimeTypes in org.apache.tika.mime

Methods in org.apache.tika.mime that return MimeTypes
static MimeTypes MimeTypesFactory.create()
          Creates an empty instance; same as calling new MimeTypes().
static MimeTypes MimeTypesFactory.create(org.w3c.dom.Document document)
          Creates and returns a MimeTypes instance from the specified document.
static MimeTypes MimeTypesFactory.create( inputStream)
          Creates and returns a MimeTypes instance from the specified input stream.
static MimeTypes MimeTypesFactory.create(java.lang.String filePath)
          Creates and returns a MimeTypes instance from the specified file path, as interpreted by the class loader in getResource().
static MimeTypes MimeTypesFactory.create( url)
          Creates and returns a MimeTypes instance from the resource at the location specified by the URL.
static MimeTypes MimeTypes.getDefaultMimeTypes()
          Get the default MimeTypes

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