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Packages that use ChmParsingException

Uses of ChmParsingException in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.assertion

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.assertion that throw ChmParsingException
static void ChmAssert.assertByteArrayNotNull(byte[] data)
          Checks if byte[] is not null
static void ChmAssert.assertChmAccessorNotNull(ChmAccessor<?> chmAccessor)
          Checks if ChmAccessor is not null In case of null throws exception
static void ChmAssert.assertChmAccessorParameters(byte[] data, ChmAccessor<?> chmAccessor, int count)
          Checks validity of ChmAccessor parameters
static void ChmAssert.assertCopyingDataIndex(int index, int dataLength)
static void ChmAssert.assertDirectoryListingEntry(int name_length, java.lang.String name, ChmCommons.EntryType entryType, int offset, int length)
          Checks validity of the DirectoryListingEntry's parameters In case of invalid parameter(s) throws an exception
static void ChmAssert.assertPositiveInt(int param)
          Checks if int param is greater than zero In case param <=0 throws an exception

Uses of ChmParsingException in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.core

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.core that throw ChmParsingException
static int ChmCommons.indexOf(byte[] text, byte[] pattern)
          Searches some pattern in byte[]
static int ChmCommons.indexOfResetTableBlock(byte[] text, byte[] pattern)
          Returns an index of the reset table

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