Class Summary
ByteArrayOutputStream This class implements an output stream in which the data is written into a byte array.
ClosedInputStream Closed input stream.
CloseShieldInputStream Proxy stream that prevents the underlying input stream from being closed.
CountingInputStream A decorating input stream that counts the number of bytes that have passed through the stream so far.
IOUtils General IO stream manipulation utilities.
NullInputStream A functional, light weight InputStream that emulates a stream of a specified size.
NullOutputStream This OutputStream writes all data to the famous /dev/null.
ProxyInputStream A Proxy stream which acts as expected, that is it passes the method calls on to the proxied stream and doesn't change which methods are being called.
TaggedInputStream An input stream decorator that tags potential exceptions so that the stream that caused the exception can easily be identified.

Exception Summary
IOExceptionWithCause Subclasses IOException with the Throwable constructors missing before Java 6.
TaggedIOException An IOException wrapper that tags the wrapped exception with a given object reference.

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