Package org.apache.tika.detect

Media type detection.


Interface Summary
Detector Content type detector.
EncodingDetector Character encoding detector.

Class Summary
AutoDetectReader An input stream reader that automatically detects the character encoding to be used for converting bytes to characters.
CompositeDetector Content type detector that combines multiple different detection mechanisms.
DefaultDetector A composite detector based on all the Detector implementations available through the service provider mechanism.
EmptyDetector Dummy detector that returns application/octet-stream for all documents.
MagicDetector Content type detection based on magic bytes, i.e.
NameDetector Content type detection based on the resource name.
TextDetector Content type detection of plain text documents.
TextStatistics Utility class for computing a histogram of the bytes seen in a stream.
TypeDetector Content type detection based on a content type hint.
XmlRootExtractor Utility class that uses a SAXParser to determine the namespace URI and local name of the root element of an XML file.

Package org.apache.tika.detect Description

Media type detection.

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