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Uses of ChmAccessor in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.accessor

Classes in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.accessor that implement ChmAccessor
 class ChmItsfHeader
          The Header 0000: char[4] 'ITSF' 0004: DWORD 3 (Version number) 0008: DWORD Total header length, including header section table and following data.
 class ChmItspHeader
          Directory header The directory starts with a header; its format is as follows: 0000: char[4] 'ITSP' 0004: DWORD Version number 1 0008: DWORD Length of the directory header 000C: DWORD $0a (unknown) 0010: DWORD $1000 Directory chunk size 0014: DWORD "Density" of quickref section, usually 2 0018: DWORD Depth of the index tree - 1 there is no index, 2 if there is one level of PMGI chunks 001C: DWORD Chunk number of root index chunk, -1 if there is none (though at least one file has 0 despite there being no index chunk, probably a bug) 0020: DWORD Chunk number of first PMGL (listing) chunk 0024: DWORD Chunk number of last PMGL (listing) chunk 0028: DWORD -1 (unknown) 002C: DWORD Number of directory chunks (total) 0030: DWORD Windows language ID 0034: GUID {5D02926A-212E-11D0-9DF9-00A0C922E6EC} 0044: DWORD $54 (This is the length again) 0048: DWORD -1 (unknown) 004C: DWORD -1 (unknown) 0050: DWORD -1 (unknown) :// /?show-translation-form=1
 class ChmLzxcControlData
          ::DataSpace/Storage//ControlData This file contains $20 bytes of information on the compression.
 class ChmLzxcResetTable
          LZXC reset table For ensuring a decompression.
 class ChmPmgiHeader
          Description Note: not always exists An index chunk has the following format: 0000: char[4] 'PMGI' 0004: DWORD Length of quickref/free area at end of directory chunk 0008: Directory index entries (to quickref/free area) The quickref area in an PMGI is the same as in an PMGL The format of a directory index entry is as follows: BYTE: length of name BYTEs: name (UTF-8 encoded) ENCINT: directory listing chunk which starts with name Encoded Integers aka ENCINT An ENCINT is a variable-length integer.
 class ChmPmglHeader
          Description There are two types of directory chunks -- index chunks, and listing chunks.

Uses of ChmAccessor in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.assertion

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser.chm.assertion with parameters of type ChmAccessor
static void ChmAssert.assertChmAccessorNotNull(ChmAccessor<?> chmAccessor)
          Checks if ChmAccessor is not null In case of null throws exception
static void ChmAssert.assertChmAccessorParameters(byte[] data, ChmAccessor<?> chmAccessor, int count)
          Checks validity of ChmAccessor parameters

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