Package org.apache.tika.parser

Tika parsers.


Interface Summary
Parser Tika parser interface.
PasswordProvider Interface for providing a password to a Parser for handling Encrypted and Password Protected Documents.

Class Summary
AbstractParser Abstract base class for new parsers.
CompositeParser Composite parser that delegates parsing tasks to a component parser based on the declared content type of the incoming document.
CryptoParser Decrypts the incoming document stream and delegates further parsing to another parser instance.
DefaultParser A composite parser based on all the Parser implementations available through the service provider mechanism.
DelegatingParser Base class for parser implementations that want to delegate parts of the task of parsing an input document to another parser.
EmptyParser Dummy parser that always produces an empty XHTML document without even attempting to parse the given document stream.
ErrorParser Dummy parser that always throws a TikaException without even attempting to parse the given document stream.
ParseContext Parse context.
ParserDecorator Decorator base class for the Parser interface.
ParserPostProcessor Parser decorator that post-processes the results from a decorated parser.
ParsingReader Reader for the text content from a given binary stream.

Package org.apache.tika.parser Description

Tika parsers.

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