Class AutoDetectParserConfig

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    public class AutoDetectParserConfig
    extends ConfigBase
    implements Serializable
    This config object can be used to tune how conservative we want to be when parsing data that is extremely compressible and resembles a ZIP bomb. Null values will be ignored and will not affect the default values in SecureContentHandler.
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    Serialized Form
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      • AutoDetectParserConfig

        public AutoDetectParserConfig​(Long spoolToDisk,
                                      Long outputThreshold,
                                      Long maximumCompressionRatio,
                                      Integer maximumDepth,
                                      Integer maximumPackageEntryDepth)
        Creates a SecureContentHandlerConfig using the passed in parameters.
        spoolToDisk -
        outputThreshold - SecureContentHandler - character output threshold.
        maximumCompressionRatio - SecureContentHandler - max compression ratio allowed.
        maximumDepth - SecureContentHandler - maximum XML element nesting level.
        maximumPackageEntryDepth - SecureContentHandler - maximum package entry nesting level.
      • AutoDetectParserConfig

        public AutoDetectParserConfig()