Class OneNoteParser

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Parser

    public class OneNoteParser
    extends AbstractParser
    OneNote tika parser capable of parsing Microsoft OneNote files.

    Based on the Microsoft specs MS-ONE and MS-ONESTORE.

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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • OneNoteParser

        public OneNoteParser()
    • Method Detail

      • getSupportedTypes

        public Set<MediaType> getSupportedTypes​(ParseContext context)
        Description copied from interface: Parser
        Returns the set of media types supported by this parser when used with the given parse context.
        context - parse context
        immutable set of media types
      • parse

        public void parse​(InputStream stream,
                          ContentHandler handler,
                          Metadata metadata,
                          ParseContext context)
                   throws IOException,
        Description copied from interface: Parser
        Parses a document stream into a sequence of XHTML SAX events. Fills in related document metadata in the given metadata object.

        The given document stream is consumed but not closed by this method. The responsibility to close the stream remains on the caller.

        Information about the parsing context can be passed in the context parameter. See the parser implementations for the kinds of context information they expect.

        stream - the document stream (input)
        handler - handler for the XHTML SAX events (output)
        metadata - document metadata (input and output)
        context - parse context
        IOException - if the document stream could not be read
        SAXException - if the SAX events could not be processed
        TikaException - if the document could not be parsed
      • createOneNoteDocumentFromDirectFileResource

        public createOneNoteDocumentFromDirectFileResource​( oneNoteDirectFileResource)
                                                                                                             throws IOException,
        Create a OneNoteDocument object.

        This won't actually have the binary data of the sections, but it's more of a metadata structure that contains the general structure of the container and contains offset positions of where to find the binary data we care about.

        OneNote files are of format:

        The header (section 2.3.1 in MS-ONESTORE) is the first 1024 bytes of the file. It contains references to the other structures in the file as well as metadata about the file. The free chunk list (section 2.3.2 in MS-ONESTORE) defines where there are free spaces in the file where data can be written. The transaction log (section 2.3.3 in MS-ONESTORE) stores the state and length of each file node list (section 2.4 in MS-ONESTORE) in the file. The hashed chunk list (section 2.3.4 in MS-ONESTORE) stores read-only objects in the file that can be referenced by multiple revisions (section 2.1.8 in MS-ONESTORE). The root file node list (section 2.1.14 in MS-ONESTORE) is the file node list that is the root of the tree of all file node lists in the file.

        In this method we first parse the header.

        After parsing the header, this results in header.fcrFileNodeListRoot that points to the first

        oneNoteDirectFileResource - A random access file resource used as the source of the content.
        A parsed one note document. This document does not contain any of the binary data, rather it just contains the data pointers and metadata.
        IOException - Will throw IOException in typical IO issue situations.