Uses of Class

Packages that use TikaConfig
org.apache.tika Apache Tika. 
org.apache.tika.config Tika configuration tools. 
org.apache.tika.extractor Extraction of component documents. 
org.apache.tika.parser Tika parsers. 
org.apache.tika.parser.external External parser process. 

Uses of TikaConfig in org.apache.tika

Constructors in org.apache.tika with parameters of type TikaConfig
Tika(TikaConfig config)
          Creates a Tika facade using the given configuration.

Uses of TikaConfig in org.apache.tika.config

Methods in org.apache.tika.config that return TikaConfig
static TikaConfig TikaConfig.getDefaultConfig()
          Provides a default configuration (TikaConfig).

Uses of TikaConfig in org.apache.tika.extractor

Constructors in org.apache.tika.extractor with parameters of type TikaConfig
ParserContainerExtractor(TikaConfig config)

Uses of TikaConfig in org.apache.tika.parser

Constructors in org.apache.tika.parser with parameters of type TikaConfig
AutoDetectParser(TikaConfig config)

Uses of TikaConfig in org.apache.tika.parser.external

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser.external with parameters of type TikaConfig
static void ExternalParsersFactory.attachExternalParsers(List<ExternalParser> parsers, TikaConfig config)
static void ExternalParsersFactory.attachExternalParsers(TikaConfig config)

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