Tika Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the primary communication channel of the Tika project. See the Apache mailing list and email contribution pages for general information about the use of our mailing list and the expected list behaviour.

The user mailing list at user@tika.apache.org is for discussing the use of Tika and any problems you may face with it.

The development mailing list at dev@tika.apache.org is for discussing the development of Tika. Use this list if you're interested in contributing to Tika development. This list also receives notifications about all updates and new comments in the issue tracker.

The commits mailing list at commits@tika.apache.org is a read-only list where automatic notifications about all code changes and wiki updates get sent.

The corpora mailing list at corpora-dev@tika.apache.org is for discussing the server and file corpora used by Apache Tika, Apache POI, Apache PDFBox and others for large scale regression tests and file format research.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

To subscribe to list@tika.apache.org, send a message to list-subscribe@tika.apache.org. To unsubscribe, send a message to list-unsubscribe@tika.apache.org. It is also possible to subscribe from the lists.apache.org Tika pages.

New users may also find the Apache mailing list page useful for discovering additional mailing list features.

If you have problems, please contact dev-owner@tika.apache.org for assistance.

List archives

List archives are available on the official Apache lists site (dev archive), the old Apache mbox archive site as well as on many external sites like Markmail, GMane and Nabble. In addition our site search (see the upper right corner) provided by Lucid Imagination covers also the archives of Tika mailing lists.