Apache Tika 2.9.0

The most notable changes in Tika 2.9.0 over the previous release are:

  • With user configuration, the PDFParser can now throw an EncryptedDocumentException for Microsoft IRM PDF containers with encrypted payloads. Separately,the PDFParser now throws an EncryptedDocumentException instead of an IOException if the security handler cannot be found (TIKA-4082).
  • Fix bug that led to duplicate extraction of macros from some OLE2 containers (TIKA-4116).
  • Parse iframe's srcdoc as an embedded file (TIKA-3109).
  • Add detection of warc.gz as a specialization of gz and parse as if a standard WARC (TIKA-4048).
  • Allow users to modify the attachment limit size in the /unpack resource (TIKA-4039).
  • Fixed write limit bug in RecursiveParserWrapper (TIKA-4055).
  • Add mime detection for many files with thanks to Gregory Lepore (TIKA-3992).

The following people have contributed to Tika 2.9.0 by submitting or commenting on the issues resolved in this release: * August Valera

  • Carey Halton
  • Gregory Lepore
  • Jerome Isaac Haltom
  • Luís Filipe Nassif
  • Ravi Ranjan Jha
  • Ross Johnson
  • Shay barak
  • Tilman Hausherr
  • Tim Allison
  • Younes

See https://s.apache.org/f0a2h for more details on these contributions.