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Packages that use Detector
org.apache.tika Apache Tika. 
org.apache.tika.config Tika configuration tools. 
org.apache.tika.detect Media type detection. 
org.apache.tika.extractor Extraction of component documents. 
org.apache.tika.mime Media type information. 
org.apache.tika.parser Tika parsers.   

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika

Methods in org.apache.tika that return Detector
 Detector Tika.getDetector()
          Returns the detector instance used by this facade.

Constructors in org.apache.tika with parameters of type Detector
Tika(Detector detector)
          Creates a Tika facade using the given detector instance and the default parser configuration.
Tika(Detector detector, Parser parser)
          Creates a Tika facade using the given detector and parser instances.

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.config

Methods in org.apache.tika.config that return Detector
 Detector TikaConfig.getDetector()
          Returns the configured detector instance.

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.detect

Classes in org.apache.tika.detect that implement Detector
 class CompositeDetector
          Content type detector that combines multiple different detection mechanisms.
 class DefaultDetector
          A composite detector based on all the Detector implementations available through the service provider mechanism.
 class EmptyDetector
          Dummy detector that returns application/octet-stream for all documents.
 class MagicDetector
          Content type detection based on magic bytes, i.e.
 class NameDetector
          Content type detection based on the resource name.
 class TextDetector
          Content type detection of plain text documents.
 class TypeDetector
          Content type detection based on a content type hint.

Methods in org.apache.tika.detect that return types with arguments of type Detector
 List<Detector> DefaultDetector.getDetectors()
 List<Detector> CompositeDetector.getDetectors()
          Returns the component detectors.

Constructors in org.apache.tika.detect with parameters of type Detector
CompositeDetector(Detector... detectors)

Constructor parameters in org.apache.tika.detect with type arguments of type Detector
CompositeDetector(List<Detector> detectors)
CompositeDetector(MediaTypeRegistry registry, List<Detector> detectors)

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.extractor

Constructors in org.apache.tika.extractor with parameters of type Detector
ParserContainerExtractor(Parser parser, Detector detector)

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.mime

Classes in org.apache.tika.mime that implement Detector
 class MimeTypes
          This class is a MimeType repository.

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.parser

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser that return Detector
 Detector AutoDetectParser.getDetector()
          Returns the type detector used by this parser to auto-detect the type of a document.

Methods in org.apache.tika.parser with parameters of type Detector
 void AutoDetectParser.setDetector(Detector detector)
          Sets the type detector used by this parser to auto-detect the type of a document.

Constructors in org.apache.tika.parser with parameters of type Detector
AutoDetectParser(Detector detector)
AutoDetectParser(Detector detector, Parser... parsers)

Uses of Detector in

Classes in that implement Detector
 class POIFSContainerDetector
          A detector that works on a POIFS OLE2 document to figure out exactly what the file is.

Uses of Detector in org.apache.tika.parser.pkg

Classes in org.apache.tika.parser.pkg that implement Detector
 class ZipContainerDetector
          A detector that works on Zip documents and other archive and compression formats to figure out exactly what the file is.

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