Apache Tika 1.0

The most notable changes in Tika 1.0 over the previous release are:

  • API: All methods, classes and interfaces that were marked as deprecated in Tika 0.10 have been removed to clean up the API (TIKA-703). You may need to adjust and recompile client code accordingly. The declared OSGi package versions are now 1.0, and will thus not resolve for client bundles that still refer to 0.x versions (TIKA-565).
  • Configuration: The context class loader of the current thread is no longer used as the default for loading configured parser and detector classes. You can still pass an explicit class loader to the configuration mechanism to get the previous behaviour. (TIKA-565).
  • OSGi: The tika-core bundle will now automatically pick up and use any available Parser and Detector services when deployed to an OSGi environment. The tika-parsers bundle provides such services based on for all the supported file formats for which the upstream parser library is available. If you don't want to track all the parser libraries as separate OSGi bundles, you can use the tika-bundle bundle that packages tika-parsers together with all its upstream dependencies. (TIKA-565).
  • RTF: Hyperlinks in RTF documents are now extracted as an a href=....../a element (TIKA-632). The RTF parser is also now more robust when encountering too many closing {'s vs. opening {'s (TIKA-733).
  • MS Word: From Word (.doc) documents we now extract optional hyphen as Unicode zero-width space (U+200B), and non-breaking hyphen as Unicode non-breaking hyphen (U+2011). (TIKA-711).
  • Outlook: Tika can now process also attachments in Outlook messages. (TIKA-396).
  • MS Office: Performance of extracting embedded office docs was improved. (TIKA-753).
  • PDF: The PDF parser now extracts paragraphs within each page (TIKA-742) and can now optionally extract text from PDF annotations (TIKA-738). There's also an option to enable (the default) or disable auto-space insertion (TIKA-724).
  • Language detection: Tika can now detect Belarusian, Catalan, Esperanto, Galician, Lithuanian (TIKA-582), Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian (TIKA-681).
  • Java: Tika no longer ships retrotranslated Java 1.4 binaries along with the normal ones that work with Java 5 and higher. (TIKA-744).
  • OpenOffice documents: header/footer text is now extracted for text, presentation and spreadsheet documents (TIKA-736).

The following people have contributed to Tika 1.0 by submitting or commenting on the issues resolved in this release:

  • Andrzej Bialecki
  • Antoni Mylka
  • Benson Margulies
  • Chris A. Mattmann
  • Cristian Vat
  • Dave Meikle
  • David Smiley
  • Dennis Adler
  • Erik Hetzner
  • Ingo Renner
  • Jeremias Maerki
  • Jeremy Anderson
  • Jeroen van Vianen
  • John Bartak
  • Jukka Zitting
  • Julien Nioche
  • Ken Krugler
  • Mark Butler
  • Maxim Valyanskiy
  • Michael Bryant
  • Michael McCandless
  • Nick Burch
  • Pablo Queixalos
  • Uwe Schindler
  • Žygimantas Medelis

See http://s.apache.org/Zk6 for more details on these contributions.